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Ultimate Fights From The Movies Download Completo Di Film In Italiano

Ultimate Fights From The Movies Download Completo Di Film In Italiano ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Ultimate Fights From The Movies

Genge: Action,Documentary













































In their second film compilation following their 'Boogeymen:The Killer Compilation' series, FlixMix takes you into the history of action movies from Hollywood to Hong Kong cinema that spans a 20-year period. This one features action scenes from 16 action-packed movies featuring action gurus, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more. The DVD edition features a audio commentary from legendary Hong Kong filmmaker, Tsui Hark (Once Upon A Time In China, Zu Warriors, Double Team) and an additional commentary by stuntman/martial arts actor, James Lew that adds a excellent perspective to the action scenes. An instructional featurette by James Lew that will teach viewers the principals of throwing and receiving punches & kicks on film as well as choreographing your own fights. Different profiles of the actors, on-screen trivias of each movie will keep action fans entertained.
It was a great idea to have a DVD with a bunch of fight scenes in it. However, that was the only thing wrong with this DVD. It seems as if the makers just picked out fight scenes from random films. Granted, they chose some great scenes, but I don't think they truly took the time to come up with the best movie fights. DRUNKEN MASTER 2 and FIST OF LEGEND definately belong here. But it was a shame that they only show a few minutes of these two fight scenes. Even BLACK MASK and the awesome THE KILLER suffer from this. It was embarassing to include that so called fight in "The Player's Club." That was a waste of space. Plus all the fight scenes except CROUCHING TIGER were in full frame, so they weren't even presented in their full glory. It would have been nice too if FIST OF LEGEND, DM2, BLACK MASK, THE KILLER, and RUMBLE IN THE BRONX could be presented in their original soundtracks.

The rest of the DVD is great. The audio commentary by James Lew and Tsui Hark (What was he doing here) was interesting to listen to. I also welcomed the documentary on "How to make a fight scene." One of these days, a better compilation DVD will be made. This collection really sucks!

I rented it, thinking I´d really would enjoy some good fighting. Man this sucked! Quick flashy cuts, an extremely annoying speaker, and the fights them selves were heavily edited and shortened (I´m thinking especially of Jet Li´s fight in Fists of legend and Jackie Chan´s fight from drunken master 2).

And what´s the deal with those brawling streetfighters?! What´s so "cool" about that? I´ve seen more interesting fights on Martial Law!

This a stupid collection of cuts for stupid people.

Do not ever buy this film! Do not encourage the people who made this crap to make more of this crap!

Instead, go buy the movies the fights were from and wath the fights in their uncut glory!


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