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Original Title: The Man From Texas

Genge: Action,Music,Western




































A movie either written, directed or produced, or a combination of all three, by Robert Emmett Tansey always contained several Tansey "trademarks" and this one is no different; one of his favorite devices was to write in a secondary character, usually costumed flashier than the lead actor, that was bordering on being an outlaw, but changed sides before the finale, and ending up somewhat dead. And this role was always played by some obscure actor such as Archie Ricks, Gene Alsace/Rocky Camron,(pre-Lash) Al La Rue or, in this one, Charles B. "Chuck" Wood, and they all had two things in common; they were short and, to be kind, none too good looking. This time out, Tex Allen (Tex Ritter), trailing the Shooting Kid (Charles B. "Chuck" Wood),because Tex had promised the Kid's mother back in Texas he would try to keep him on the straight and narrow, catches up with him just in time to save him from hanging as a horse thief. Tex produces ownership papers on the horse in question and tells Marshal "Happy" Jack Martin (Hal Price) that he had given the Kid the horse. The Kid rides off, promising to go straight, and the Sheriff figures Tex is just the man to help find the gang that is trying to ruin Speed Dennison (Kenne Duncan as Kenneth Duncan) and offers Tex the job. Tex gets a job on the ranch run by Dennison and his sister Laddie (Ruth Rogers) while the Kid, breaking his promise to Tex, is hired by rancher Jeff Hall (Vic Demourelle Jr., another of Tansey's short-and-ugly finds) to kill Dennison. Hall wants Dennison's ranch and Dennison will be ruined if he can't get his cattle shipped and sold by a certain date. The Kid then has a mandatory-Tansey change of heart and joins Tex and the Dennison cowhands in trying to push the cattle through a pass controlled by Hall and blocked by barbed wire. The Kid's good-guy efforts are ended by a bullet from Hall, while Tex does the same for Hall's bad-guy efforts. Tex explains to the Dennisons and the Sheriff that he is a trouble-shooter working for the railroad and Hall was an agent buying land for the railroad but wanted to keep the railroad money for himself while acquiring the Dennison land cheaply.
Hall is after Dennison's land. The Marshal sends Tex to help Dennison while Hall hires the Shooting Kid to finish off Dennison. But the Kid has been helped by Tex in the past and changes sides. He, Tex, and the other hands then try to get Dennison's cattle past Hall's barricade and on to market.
This is one of Tex Ritter's weaker efforts for Monogram. He sings only two songs. No real fist fights. No climactic battle between Tex and the evil villain. The potentially interesting part of the story is subordinated to the question of getting cattle through 'the short cut' on their way to market. We're left with a fairly weak western.

Tex plays a secret trouble shooter for 'the railroad' as he becomes involved in a ranch war (he pronounces it 'rainch') between the villain Hall's Circle H, and the good guy 'Speed' Dennison's cattle ranch. 'The Shooting Kid' (played by Chuck Woods in his second and last film) is introduced in the opening as the 'bad' son that Tex has promised the Kid's dying mother to guide to the path of good. Very quickly, the Kid becomes the hired gun for Hall, as Tex goes to work for Dennison. The Kid has to walk a tightrope whenever, with Hall's other henchmen, he has an opportunity to kill Dennison or Tex and has to weasel out of doing it. This dramatic thread is the most interesting part of the film but it never becomes the main focus.

As expected, the Kid finally joins up with Tex as he and Dennison's hands, and the sheriff's deputies, take the cattle through the short cut while shooting it out with Hall and his henchmen.

Kenne Duncan has a few scenes as Dennison. The female 'prairie flower' Laddie (Ruth Rogers) has a virtually non existent part. Ms. Rogers appeared in 34 mostly uncredited roles. Tom London, veteran of almost 600 westerns has a brief scene. As for Chuck Wood, two six guns and a fringed Hoot Gibson / 'Range Rider' jacket do not an actor make.

Nothing really going on here except for listening to Tex Ritter's fantastic drawl and easy going twinkling manner. The movie isn't more than a 3. "The Man From Texas" (1939) Is An Excellent 1939 "Golden Age Of Hollywood" Cowboy Movie...Better Than STAGECOACH (1939)


This excellent, classic cowboy movie was made in 1939, a year often justifiably cited as the best year in Hollywood movie history.

The movie was made at Monogram Studios, one of the "Poverty Row" "Gower Gulch" small studios which did not own movie houses (all of the "Major Studios" did in 1939).

"The Man From Texas" (1939) is a fast paced, interesting, believable, well acted, well written, well directed movie which includes good cowboy songs sung by Tex Ritter who did a wonderful job as "Tex Allen," the protagonist, lead character in the story.

This wonderful movie is much better, less sappy, more believable, and less contrived than "Stagecoach" (1939) which is often wrongfully cited as "the best western ever made" and "the best western made in 1939."

"The Man From Texas" (1939) starring Tex Ritter got lost in movie history, as did other movies not made by "the Majors," which also control important (and expensive) movie publicity and organizations of fame (including The American Film Institute and the Motion Picture Producers of America).

The movie is now in the Public Domain, and is available inexpensively in DVD form. It is not restored, but should be.

Hooray for good movies like "The Man From Texas" (1939) which should have been honored but were not due to the politics of Hollywood, and the power of big money which has always controlled Hollywood.

This movie "slipped through the cracks," but is worth obtaining and screening often. Huge talent both in front of the camera and behind it went into the making of "The Man From Texas" (1939).

It is a great western movie.


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