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Original Title: The Apprehenders

Genge: Action,Comedy







































Neighboring police stations located in the Seoul districts of Mapo and Seodaemun are usually compared to each other and consequently has developed a rivalry. The chief at the Mapo police station is Hwang Jae-Sung, is fearless when it comes to catching criminals & uses any means necessary to top Seodaemun station. To top the Mapo station, Senior Superintendent General of Seodaemun police station assigns Jung Wei-Chan as the crime division chief of the station. Jung Wei-Chan graduated from the prestigious police academy. An award for "officer of the year" is given out to the officer able to apprehend the most criminals and gain most points. The award also comes with a 30 million Won cash prize. Hwang Jae-Sung is the continuous winner of this award and he wants it this time for promotion because he is not a graduate from the police school but someone who worked his way up through hard work and uncanny people skills. Jung Wei-Chan also badly wants to win the award for the prize money involved because he wants to prove to his future father-in-law he is responsible and able to take care of his pregnant daughter. For this award the two rivals compete even more fiercely than their Senior Superintendent General's. A serious case then occurs causing both stations to work together. The outcome of the complicated case hangs in the air based on how well the both teams can work together and identify the sadist perpetrator.
Nearby Seoul police stations Mapo and Seodaemun are compared to each other, consequently competition is fierce. A troubling case then occurs causing both stations to work together which stirs the pot even more.
Bravo! I'm waiting for this kind of movie from Korea for so long. Why? Because I'm tired of seeing them wearing those police uniform, investigate, chasing perp whatever. This is also a policemen movie but stay out far from their cliché police story movie that we always see.

A story about 2 police station who fighting each other to catch the raper. You may think that this movie will focus about the raper, will show how he do his crime but you wrong. This movie actually focus most to the policemen, how their daily life, their childish side and their work in detail. The rapist case just a minor subject in this movie. I laughing many time because their joke's work, many funny moment. Sorry for my bad English. Highly recommended!


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