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Machine Tool Manufacturer - $2.9M gross / $271 SDE in 2015 - Business For Sale - Near Columbus, Indiana

German owned machine tool design and build machine shop.  Doing engineering design, outsourcing 80-90% of fabrication, then doing final tooling & assembly in-house before shipping.  2015 gross sales of $2,994,636 minus COGS plus add back owners salary ($107K) = $271,587 in Seller Discretionary Earnings.  Seven total employees.  Near Columbus, IN.

Specialty precision machine tool manufacturer serving aerospace, heavy industrial, and power generation manufacturing applications.  The 5 year averages have been gross revenue of $2.7M with $276K net earnings.  Staff is staying with the business and a 30K sq ft facility is also for sale in a separate transaction, bank appraised at $800,000.

Owned by a native of Germany, this machine tool manufacturer has been the only North American manufacturer in this specialty machine tool niche dominated by competition based in Germany.  Founded in 1945, US operations were established in 1978 in Indianapolis and the long time GM purchased the US company in 2010 while the German parent company was acquired by a German conglomerate that went bankrupt.  The Indiana company retains the rights to and has the engineering designs going back to 1945.

This company owns no patents.  It's 70 year engineering design expertise and design database gives the company the competitive edge in pursuing $100K+ machine tool projects where errors are too costly to consider hiring a firm who has never designed this product.  Primary competitors are in Europe.

Great add on business for any manufacturer with an existing distribution channel in aero, heavy industrial, or power gen.

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