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HBR Idecast: Globalization Myth & Reality

This Harvard Business Review Ideacast audio is an interview with NYU professor Pankaj Ghemawat who discussed the misconceptions about Globalization. While he claims that he is not making a political point, the word LABOR is never mentioned in his discussion and statistics. He separates global movement of manufactured goods and immigration but never talked about outsourced labor - interesting analysis but ignores the globalization of labor.

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Pankaj Ghemawat, professor at NYU Stern and IESE business schools, debunks common misconceptions about the current state and extent of globalization. (Hint: the world is not nearly as globalized as people think.) He also discusses how popular reactions in Europe and the U.S. against globalization recently could affect the global economy, and how companies will need to adapt to the new reality. Ghemawat is the author of several books on globalization, including World 3.0 and most recently The Laws of Globalization and Business Applications.

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