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Dark Cupid Scaricare Film >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Dark Cupid

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Romance


















































It's Valentine's Day in Paris. Marinate is willing to tell Adrien she loves him, Adrien wants to admit is feelings to Ladybug and Kim is ready to make a big love declaration to Chloé. But nothing is going the way it was planned.
Marinette finds a love note that Adrian puts in the trash. He writes the note to Ladybug but Tikki tells Marinette that it is to her. Kim confesses his love to Chole. when she rejects him HawkMoth akumatizes Kim. Kim turns into Dark Cupid and makes you hate everyone you love. Chat Noir and Ladybug come to save the day. But what happens when one of them get shot? Will the other find a way to break the spell or will HawkMoth finally win? One way to figure out, watch the episode.


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