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Original Title: Biker Boyz

Genge: Action,Drama








































A son of the leader of a legendary group of an urban biker gang tries to retain his championship title.
A mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway, also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets. The focus of this story takes place at an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, as Manuel tries to retain his championship title.
My name is Simon Jago and below is my review of 'Biker Boyz'. I have no intention of elaborating my comments but have to produce a minimal amount of words in order for my comment to be published.

Here's the back story to my viewing experience of 'Biker Boyz'. It was late on a Saturday night and I was writing my Dissertation for uni, and turned on the TV to have something on in the background. 'Biker Boyz' started and I thought I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and leave it on, boy was I wrong:

REVIEW: 'This film is nothing more than a collection of established black actors, exploiting themselves in a horrible fast and the furious rip off with bikes.'

BEST BIT: The tunnel vision that Laurence Fishburne uses to filter out the nonsense in the film to enhance his racing in a straight line abilities.

SPOILER: THE OTHER GUY LEARNS TO USE IT AT THE END Biker Boys was a movie to be seen, for all the girls who are sensitive with their tough guys, it works for both. All thought it is nothing like Fast and the Furious, Derek Luke definitely has some potential to hit it big time! You got every thing in this flick, hot guys, cute girls, bikes, sadness, heart and soul, and love. The ending doesn't leave you with a wonder of what happened...but it definitely has some potential to bite back with a second one, which they will hopefully do, with the same actors/actresses. So for all you people who thought it would be good, get your butt in gear and go see it!!!!!
It will all look pretty ridiculous to grown-ups, but to 13-year-old boys (and adults with well-tended inner versions thereof), Biker Boyz will be the perfect testosterone-fueled, flash-edited, music-driven joy ride.


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